Monday, January 28, 2019

My encouragement for you today is that you need to open your hands and look for what God has placed in them. Use everything you’ve got. Don’t look at what other people have. Take these things and do something with it.

I have always had this overwhelming feeling of extreme joy, jealousy, compassion, and sadness. I think I probably have felt them all in the same day on days. 

But more than anything else, here on this day, I can finally say the feeling I feel the most is gratitude. Thankfulness for all I’ve been given and all that’s been withheld, all I’ve deserved and not deserved. 

Am I happy the way I see things and want things?

 It isn't always the way they go and the way things go, doesn’t always work for me and my time schedule. Right now, I'm finding myself feeling a little unsettled with life and trying to do far too many things to fix it all at once and I am not getting very far. 

I have figured out that instead of playing, having fun, and living in the moment, I’ve been gritting my teeth, putting my head down,  and working hard. I’ve been disappointed by standards not met or my dreams not fulfilled which aren’t even necessarily real or needed.

 I’ve been living in the confines of fear – fear of failure, fear of dreams not coming true, fear of disappointing someone (anyone), fear of routine, and fear of repetition. I wanted to share the deep desire in me to not be afraid of dreaming big, out-of-reach dreams and how badly I want everyone in my life to live in less fear as well.

So I'm choosing to tackle one problem at a time.

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