Wednesday, January 30, 2019

My Word For The Year 2019 is ..... FOCUS

My Word For The Year 2019 is ..... FOCUS!!
FOCUS is my word for 2019! Choosing just one word to inspire, motivate and encourage me throughout 2019 was hard. Whenever my word "FOCUS" 
came to mind it would bring me back to my goals and my dream board.
I am going to use it as a positive challenge.  
      1. I will manage my time, even if my life gets too busy.
      2. I will try to obtain a work/life balance.
      3. I will work on a positive mindset. 
      4. I will get my health/nutrition in gear to succeed.
      5. I will keep my household chores up-to-date.
I don't want to be wasting another year and just staying in my comfort zone.  In 2019, I am committed to playing a bigger part in my personal life and in my business. 

I am going to stop with the excuses of putting things off till the time is right. No more standing on the sidelines watching other people achieve their success. I am very thankful I get to make a living working on my own terms.

I'll be sharing my journal and lessons with you here through my blog posts and social media posts. FOCUS will help me to get going and stop procrastinating. 

I will be interested to see where it takes me throughout 2019.



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